Our Story

How it all started...

In July, 2003 Pastor Dana and our Daughter Toni were at a Ladies retreat in San Antonio, Texas
along  several  other ladies from our church that we were currently members of. God revealed thru a encounter of the Holy Spirit portions of a wonderful plan. This plan at that time we did not fully understand or knew the full extent of our involvement. Through many years and many more encounters, and much warfare. God gave us the strength and faith to carry through. The Father in all his wisdom let us believe we were carrying the vision till the right ministry came along. Who knew he was preparing us for the final reveal, that we were to be the caretakers of his purpose and plans for this Ministry, and in this new Era we have walked into.

Expanding the vision...

Our  next  goal  is  to  develop  the  land  for  a parking lot  and  a  temporary  structure, Where  we  can  hold services  on  the  property  while  we  build the  first  stage  of  Raising  Kingdom  Warriors.
 this will be a Church with  a  5,000  seating  capacity  including  a  Studio  for social  media  outreach.  Also  Including  the most important  part  of  the  misistry  a  children  and  youth 's  spiritual  development  Center.

Where we are headed...

we  will be  affiliate and closely  linked to a organization
OF  world  building  communities  INC.
( building  communities  of  freedom   WITHIN  COMMUNITIES around  the  world).

Their goals are to bring families  into  a  place  of freedom.


Be a part of our story...

Join us every Friday at 4:30pm central time on our Rising Kingdom Warrior's facebook page as we go live and gather to gather studying  his word and the instructions for this new era!